from Helge Olav: Album - HOHM001 | hohmusic 2010

from HOH: Bestemor - z:015 | video by Hilde Matilde

from HOH: I wanna be a rhythm - FKSCD 004 | video by Hilde Matilde

We can work it out | photo by Steinar Engelstad

Trondheim Electronic Arts Center (TEKS) 2005

Strange Combination | Sindre Bjerga & HOH

UK tour October 2008




UK '08



I behaved well the whole tour until the gig in Glasgow where I got shitfaced, played way too loud, ended up on a raveparty and a following nachspiel with two (luckily for me) sweet friends and fellow artists. The tour was all in all filled with positive meetings and generous people. Thanks.

jUNk | Chris Graham & HOH

Tou Scene, Stavanger, August 18. 2007

How do we relate to waste? In our throwaway culture we constantly exchange old goods with new. Old goods that have a potential value are thrown in the junk pile. The word junk is also used in the description of our culture of fastfood, light entertainment, easy listening and consumable art.

A great deal of the material used in our project was found in junk piles. The waste was attemptedly given new value and meaning in a new context. This was also intended in parts of the musical composition; Recycling sounds from the cultural junk pile in form of samples from american Big Brother, or the use of noise, hiss, crackles and sounds usually disposed of in the musical mixing prosess.

numusic '05

"HOH's humorous, used and abused techno went from broken dance, squelch to quiet contemplation without a judder [...]

Being at once an intimate, close-knit festival, despite the calibre of inter- national artists, the overriding impression here was one of warmth and of communication"


The Wire

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