First single "Uxzendahl: Coming of Age" from the new album is out now on all your online players and streamers! With a quick follow up by "Uxzendahl: Dine Sko" (Your Shoes) for those of you who want to put on your dancing shoes and have a party right away.

Our third output "Uxzendahl: Do Ya" was playlisted by major norwegian newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad

Here they are given their spotify link. But you will find them online anywhere you play your music.

Our jolly interview (Also norwegian) at "Lunken Kaffi" by Espen Birkedal is available here.

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NEW Releases of singles on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and all your streaming services, stores and online players!

We are working on making as much as possible of our back-catalogue available online. In this occasion we have also put out several singles from the albums. Get them where you get your music.

Snabelsk! Homage/Compilation for Art & Comix Magazine Bare Snabel by hohmusic

Only available on CD by purchasing the magazine. Great works -mostly exclusive-  by friends of the cult-zine Bare Snabel. Featuring HOH, WILLIAM HELVIK & KJELL JENSEN, GABLÉ, WALL OF ICE, SLEEPYARD, UXZENDAHL, VASØK, PÅL ASLE PETTERSEN, LINGOUF, DRAWBS, DZRTR, FANGARM, ANDERS GJERDE, OCCULTHURA, CHATTERMARK and STORLAND MASKIN. Cover-art on CD by We Are Worms. Cover of Magazine by Nina Ghafari. HOHM005 | hohmusic 2016

EP, 4 Tracks (CD & digital) 18 mins 35 secs

"A clearer, more expansive expression of what previous releases suggested. Truly eclectic, like turning on a psychic radio station. Welcoming, surprising, comforting, and energising. ….feels like hearing the best parts of familiar records drifting past one another…

Carefully crafted, in every aspect. A roller coaster of musical genres, expertly arranged to transport the listener. A timeless quality,  … and just so I have said it, I listened to this EP and thought "this guy, this music, has so much going on, it’s just so good, I feel there are songs which could really appeal to a larger audience, appeal to their ‘eclectic’ taste, and still deliver to each listener a rewarding, unique experience".   Al Greenall, Artist

HOHM003 | hohmusic 2016

Available as a digital release in all your digital stores and players

Also available on CD by mailorder

Album, 12 tracks (CD) 54 mins, hohmusic 2015

At the same time both playful and pedantic the compositional style of HOH sucks up as different genres as the classical blues, reggae, psychedelia, hiphop, jazz, rock, dubstep, doo-wah and experimentation and still keeps it's head straight. Like a child playing the lizard king he can do anything; from pocket symphonies, hallucinogenic chants, melancholic ballads and jazz standards.

Texts fueled with philosophic wonder, humour, poetry and contradictions in a language that can allow itself anything. Sometimes they make sense right away, sometimes not at all. However; there's always an invitation for the listener to participate in the creative process and to give them meaning.

HOH is also Mojoman, The Uplifter, Derridada, Sat@()I_ and a Jack of all trades on this production. Inventing characters, travelling in time, still forcefully parttaking in the present. Guest performances by jazzmusician Gunhild Seim, artist Karolina Wiewiorowska and HOH's five year old son Ingmar enhance the feeling of divercity in this tightly knitted piece of art which makes HOH's album «Eclectic»

HOHM002 | hohmusic 2015

Available as a digital release in all your digital stores and players

Also available on CD by mailorder

from the Archives:

Bare Snabel 16

Video: /nils

Music: HOH

Artworks: /nils, René Tjemsland, Christopher Jonassen

and Vegard Toresen

(Showed at the releaseparty for Bare Snabel #16 (Text edition) on the gallery wall by two connected video-projectors)

Tell me no lie

Kunstprosjekt av Vibeke Emilie Steinsholm og Elin Andreassen med gatebilklubben Girls Go Fast og musikk av HOH med Christina Mae.

Jeg skulle lage musikk til «5 forskjellige biler kjørt av 5 jenterånere fra Stavanger området [...] i en type prosesjon gjennom Stavanger med nedrullede vinduer slik at musikken høres ut».

Tou Scene,  2007


debut album "HOH Dreamssmaerd"

(Music Casette) & debut live performance at Metamorphosis techno party!

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